Ecommerce Shootout: Magento 2.0 Vs Shopify Vs WooCommerce! Which One Is the Best?

So, you’ve already found success in selling your products at your brick & mortar store and now thinking to expand online???


Switching from a solely offline business to setting up an online store is really difficult. And the harsh truth is that most of the store owners don’t know about the resources necessary to do it well.


If you’re a store owner who is seriously thinking about taking your offline store online, you will first have to choose the best eCommerce platform that can make your store highly profitable online. And when you will do a Google search for “Best eCommerce platform” to make your decision, you will likely come across an eCommerce battle between 3 big names, i.e. Magento 2.0, Shopify and BigCommerce!


Choosing a robust eCommerce platform can make your life easygoing by taking the hassle of everything from you such as complex inventory management, user account management, order management, wish list and what not!


So here is an analysis done by Suffescom that explores these 3 eCommerce platforms, so as to help you in your decision making process:


  1. Magento 2.0


Presently, Magento is one of the most preferred eCommerce platforms out there. It has been ruling the eCommerce market since its inception in 2008. With the release of its version Magento 2.0, it has now become even more popular among online merchants.


According to Magento, there are more than 250,000 merchants around the globe who prefer Magento as their e-commerce platform.


As per a recent research done by Builtwith while comparing some popular e-commerce platforms, there is 28% of websites being powered by Magento of which 16% are among the topmost 1 million websites over the web.


Not only this, Magento is also popular for its frequent upgrading in tune with its users’ requirements. Lately, Magento has upgraded its platform to a more enhanced version – Magento 2. Besides removing some small issues from its previous version, Magento 2 comes with lots of new features to make it more preferable eCommerce platform over others. Here are some of these Magento 2 features that you can enjoy:


>> Fast speed, unparalleled flexibility & scalability


>> Multi-lingual & Multi-currency functionalities


>> Fully responsive & customizable


>> Smooth checkout process & high level of security


>> Delivers engaging shopping experiences


>> Easier upgrades and maintenance


>> Powered by an open and flexible architecture


>> Secure payments


>> Backup or rollback system and other handy commands


>> Better performance & scalability


>> Equipped with a Migration Tool


>> Comes with its own testing framework


>> Advanced set of the default SEO tools and other powerful third-party SEO solutions


>> and much more!


  1. Shopify


In its turn, Shopify is another extremely popular & speedily developing eCommerce platform in the eCommerce sector. Besides being a relatively young eCommerce platform (launched in the year 2009), it has been preferred by 100,000+ online merchants throughout the world, and its user base is still continuing to expand at a super fast pace.


Not only this eCommerce platform is fast & flexible, but also equipped with a ton of other truly unique features such as security, easy-to-run, simple-to-setup, etc. Here are some benefits of choosing Shopify as your eCommerce platform:


>> User-friendly platform


>> A little bit customization doesn’t require coding


>> Cost-effective and good support


>> 70+ supported gateways


>> High level of security


>> Inexpensive for extra platform functionality


>> Comes with an ease of updating apps


>> Basic built-in SEO tools


>> Fast performing platform in most scenarios


>> Hosted platform to minimize technical issues


>> and much more!


  1. WooCommerce


WooCommerce is comparatively a new entrant (launched in year 2011) compared to both Magento and Shopify. It is basically an open-source solution running on the top of WordPress, which powers the Content Management System (CMS) and allows you to smoothly run your online store on this platform. This eCommerce platform is mostly preferred by those store owners who have light eCommerce and massive content needs. Moreover, it is home to nearly 400,000 sites across the web. This widely popular platform is loaded with all required functionality that a user needs to open an online store. Not only this, It also holds many other advanced capabilities via its extension system. Have a look at some of its best features:


>> Offers much better CMS capabilities


>> Offers a full control on its code base for customization needs


>> Offers a high level of user-friendliness


>> Comes with a robust extension system with massive plugin options


>> A simple platform to learn and use


>> Supports an unlimited number of products & categories


>> Google Analytics integration


>> Offers numerous premium and free themes


>> and a lot more!


Hope, this analysis will help you in making your decision while choosing the best eCommerce platform for your online store. Depending on your particular needs, you can make a better choice among Magento 2.0, Shopify and Woocommerce. In case, you still have any query in your mind, feel free to contact us at our website We’re available there 24/7 to help you.



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